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Google Africa Developer Scholarship 2022 Every now and then, I see resources that can benefit my community, especially when it’s delivered by organizations I follow

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How to Sell to Nigerians

How To Sell To Nigerians -10 Lessons: www.jideagbaje.com/blog · The Stepwise Show   In this post, I will be discussing 10 lessons from the book

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Small Business Big Money

 Small Business Big Money-10 Lessons · The Stepwise Show   Top 10 Lessons from Small Business Big Money by Akin Alabi (Book Review) Hello

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Power Of Habit

Habits can have a disturbing power over our lives. If you’ve ever had a longing, desire, or cravings that you couldn’t resist, such as the

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How to design your life

Do you ever have the feeling of being completely lost or miserable in your current job, assignment, career, or life generally? Then you are not

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Stepwise Podcast Intro

Welcome to the Stepwise Show. My name is Babajide Agbaje, I am a tech entrepreneur and I’ve worked on several high-end projects and built a

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Developing new habits

Every New Year, millions of people all over the world make new year resolutions. As another New Year rolls by, it most likely means it

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